All about île de Ré

Did you know ?
The island of Ré is the 4th largest island of France.

The folkloric history of île de Ré

Legendary local tales of folklore attribute the birth of the Ile de Ré to frightful earthquakes that would have engulfed Antioche, a mythical Roman city located to the west of Saintes. From this vast land, the only survivors of these terrible events would be the Ile de Ré and the Ile d'Oleron.


The île de Ré, is marine and rural panoramas, dunes, woods, pine forests, marshes, great beaches of fine sand. There are also 10 typical villages full of charm, from traditional white houses to green shutters, flowered path that have gone through centuries of island history. The island's nicknamed is "Ré la Blanche" because of its typical architecture and the white hue of the houses of its villages.

A mosaic of breathtaking landscapes, an unique island heritage and a palette of vibrant colors. A preserved art of living, a rich historical past and culinary traditions to discover during your holidays or during a weekend.

The island of Ré enjoys a mild climate all year round thanks to its geographical location on the Atlantic Ocean and the warm marine current of the Gulf Stream which runs along its coasts. The island, very sunny, enjoys nearly 2600 hours of sunshine per year and climbs to the 3rd rank after Corsica and the South East of France. In summer, the strong heat is attenuated by the proximity of the sea and in winter the temperatures are clement.

Discover the island of Ré, it's the change of scenery guaranteed all year long!

Did you know ?

On crowded days, the number of cars on the island bridge can exceed 16,000!